Favorite Pieces

…of online writing. Today I read one more poem i don’t want to forget, loved it so! Just linking them all up here so I can revisit them someday when the mood strikes, besides I really like long tidy rows of links 🙂 …

Listen from gingaTao

A Mother’s Secret Hope from The Fork

Drain from A 1,000 Voices

New Beginnings, and the Magic Box…. from Gypsy Heart, I Am

Ira Glass Reaffirms Sucking from Level One Writer

We Want Poetry Back: a poem from
Slam Up

The Weeping Waters from Clownscape

A Rainy Day Games Compendium from Sack Posset

And ah 1, 2, 3, 4… Version 2 from Cocoyea

Lonely Night from Disturbed Stranger

word gains 1 from Paul Grimsley

White Lies from Untitled.

La Pared from Laineylapiz

Mermaid Tattoo from Gingatao

Curious About Whats Really Small from The Fork

Closed Eyes from Journals of Enreal

Victory (a poem) from Slam Up

This list only keeps growing …

3 Responses

  1. I will bookmark it too, Ms Mist. You have fantastic taste. Except for that Squires fellow. I don’t know what you see in him. Such a grandstander. All the others are fantastical though. Must be cos you say so.

    ~MM – Well hello, Mr.Squires fellow :)!! I was going to give you your own section and came prowling for links but I was pressed for time, my taste is fairly definitive i assure you :(, thanks!

  2. Hey,

    Thank you for adding my work to your list. I’m honored.

    Keep writing!


    ~MM – Hey Chittz, don’t thank me, you wrote it! I really loved it, would like to read it a few more times 🙂 .. you too keep writing

  3. Ahh..thank you MM! Like chittz, I am honored! If I can ever find the time..I will have to check all of these out.

    ~MM – Thanks Susan, you are welcome always :)!

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