About Me

I am an unsyndicated cartoon, an unfulfilled curse, a unanimous animal, an unrequited criminal, an untiring sleeper, you get the drift…

I am also an alliterative escape artist of the recently discovered species Plussicus Chameleous Tenteclus. Credit for categorization goes to the Finicky Penguin

13-June-08 – I have very little clue … what about me 😦 ?
Therefore, I am making this a growing section in my blog, to be updated as and when things occur to me, about me (Should be a rapidly growing section 🙂

20-July-08 – I have known what it is to be free. Therefore I can never be chained again without my knowledge… More’s the pity…

I hate goals. I feel worthless when I fail to meet them, and underwhelmed when I do meet them.

23-July-08 – Sometimes I want desperately to write and the right words refuse to come out. Other times I tell the truth and get in trouble.

25-July-08 – I mean well. Is that so hard to believe, unless I hang my heart out on a sleeve?

29-July-08 – Creating blogs is one of my favorite pastimes, I have around 10-15 in the last count, one for each personality (just kidding or am i). i’ve just created another exclusively for my tasteless humor, Weaseltongue

4-Aug-08 – My self-esteem is defined only marginally by birth, family, ancestors, country, religion, looks, career, money, relationships. I find it is most tied up with the things I will not do to get what I want.

8-Aug-08 – There’s no harm in lack of imagination… so long as it doesn’t become a science

10-Aug-08 – There’s nothing wrong with me that a bit of rampant self-advertisement won’t fix 😦

17-Aug-08 – I am not torn between industry and art. I cannot forsake either. I was not born with the privilege of a cushion for the one nor the comfort of a blindness for the other

13-Mar-09 – if you dont learn quick how to bullshit with the best, you’re gonna get stuck bullshitting with the rest. strangely unsatisfying that

29-Mar-09 – sometimes i tend to fade away, like all transparent things ought. i come back though, always wary of the word always 🙂

23-Apr-09 – I’m trying out photoblogging now, after seeing a few fantastic possibilities –> Adigital abyss

24-May-09 – Combining my latest crisis of closing in on thirty with my latest passing interest of Jung-ian ideologies, I found this site that I really liked, it said a lot of nice things about me, hence proved

8-Jun-09 – One of my favorite cousins gave me this sage piece of advice yesterday, i’m just writing it out so i don’t forget – if you share of yourself to the world honestly, be prepared to be judged, and be prepared to be loved
im still working on it :(, unconsciously till now, better with time and sentience i hope…i dont like being judged (hey who does) and i am uncomfortable about being loved (lets face it, i know what a jerk i really am :))

19-Jun-09 – Humility is not an end by itself, more a by product of living

6-Aug-09 – Ive always known that in the game of life, I can go either way, create or destroy, sin or sincere. So many seem born naturally to a single major force, that it is utterly defeating or utterly liberating to constantly make this choice. My favorite part of this quirk is the ability to slam like a door in high wind

7-Oct-09 – I was much too sensitive about turning 30, now it feels rather wonderful. Its like ive been riding strapped to a horses belly for the past 30 years, and suddenly managed to turn myself around and make the drivers seat. Maybe ill even catch hold of the reins if i make it to 40

29 Responses

  1. I liked your reaction to Crawford Kilian’s comment. I wasn’t surprised by it. I read his Ice Quake novel three times. To be noticed by someone with such talent…well good on you. Good luck with your writing.


  2. Hi Paul!! I haven’t yet read Ice Quake, I will :)! His internet resource on writing was certainly fantastic and I am very grateful that he actually took out so much time to guide newbies … Thanks a lot and do visit again!

  3. Adding you to my blog roll….you are awesome.

  4. Thank you, Kalliope 🙂 !! oof, I will have to be burst with a pin now 😦 … Do visit again 🙂 !!

  5. You’ve just been tagged for a six word memoir. Directions on my blog…

  6. Hey Finicky Penguin, *salute*, will b there :)!

  7. You are nearly as anonymous as I am! Keep on writing!

    ~MM – Nearly? Why nearly ? That is so tantalising 😦 … Do visit again 🙂 …

  8. July 23, 2008 — you summed up my life. How’d you do that?

    ~MM – I did? Nice 🙂 ! Thanks Mr.Big Foot!

  9. I really enjoyed your about you.

    ~MM – Thank you Cocoyea! Welcome to my blog…

  10. Just dropping by to let you know that my space is back in action again after one of my ‘episodes’ of self-doubt that always seems to result in mass-deletion. It needs a lot of work, I know, but I’m taking it slower this time. This time I’ll get it right – just like last time – and the time before that. Oh curse this fragile ego!

    ~MM – Hey Tooty, thats brilliant for you! More power to you and Horatio and his gossamer farts :D!! I will be there… Meanwhile me too me too, mine is more a failed sitcom than an episode 😦

  11. Guess is goes with the territory. Do you reckon JK Rowling ever had our problems?

    ~MM – From what I read of her biography, she was too busy living hand to mouth… Maybe the key is suffering a lot, but it sounds like it might hurt 😦

  12. Very fresh and honest… Love the energy here… clever *about* page… thank you

    ~MM – *blushes* Thank you :)!!!

  13. Sorry to be so shallow – but what have you done to your avatar? Where is that lovely smiley face?

    ~MM – 🙂 Ok Tooty, its back

  14. Whoa! I just spotted the spoor of FinPeng and S.Le. They’re both AWOL from The Awesome Squad. Tell them that all charges have been dropped.

    ~MM – Sure Bunk Strutts, no problem, its done :)!

  15. consider yourself tagged,
    I’ve simply fallen, with no plans of leaping up again….i’ll just remain here for a while if you don’t mind~

    ~MM -Thanks Acoustic Rhythm, that sounds enticing :), but it goes against my beliefs, the Holy Tenets of Procrastination

  16. ok, I’m back because unfortunately I was not able to add you to my blogroll. ;(

    ~MM – Yikes :(! Thanks, Its the thought that feels great :)!! But trust me, there are millions like me around, u just haven’t found them yet 😦

  17. Hello, Ms Mental Mist. Your blog has gone all funny. Where has all the poetry gone? Never mind, you are still here and that is the main thing. Hello,

    ~MM – Hello Mr.Squires, always good to hear from you :)! its a phase and its over-ish… Course im here!

  18. I can’t seem to make connection with your other pages. Is something kaput?


    ~MM – Hey Tooty :)! Mostly my head 😦 … yeah im all rewired and back

  19. […] Mental Mist  there is something which radiates from her words… an energy which I am so pleased she blesses me with… blessings to her for her words […]

  20. Greetings Supreme Poet Beyond My Understanding. I’ve followed in your footsteps, and placed the Hamster Britain tales on Lulu. And I’m back too – with Tangentially Tooty. If you’d care to swing by…


    ~MM – HEYY TOOTY, thats wonderful and awesome :D!! I will find it! Congratulations!! Im not able to find Tangentially Tooty :(, is the link different?

  21. I think that I have the link sorted out now. Those nice WordPress people told how me how to do it.

    Awesome 🙂

  22. Were you ever able to wade through the literary morass that was Fanfare to the Common Hamster?

    Hey Tooty, yes I am, I already loved it, will send you a first thoughts soon

  23. Sorry I can’t make it to our class. I’m not feeling well and I’m feeling more terrible because I’m wondering if you’ll find your way home from class.

    If you do find your way home, we can get together at a coffee shop and write.


    Thanks PJ, you are very sweet! Please don’t worry about it, Kate gave me a ride today, or theres always the bus… I hope you feel better soon!! You’re on for the coffee shop, just email me the time and place :)!

  24. The description of 20th July, 2008 was something ermm =) I felt like reading MYSELF while reading YOUR description =)

    Looking forward to be in contact.

    ~MM – Hello Spotless Soul, and thank you, likewise ahm shure :)!

  25. =)

    ~Thanks Spotlesssoul

  26. creativity should not be stunted and you have demonstrated the spirit of fearless self expression. believe me, this is the attitude every artist should possess and i sure hope you achieve whatever you intended! 🙂

    ~Thanks Fiveloaf :)!

  27. excellent blog .. stripped of pretensions and doused in irreverence… 🙂

    Thanks Z3phyr, I try 🙂

  28. Very interesting. I love the turn of your wording. It’s been almost a year since the last post. Are you planing on returning to blogging?

  29. ~Thanks David, I do blog at a different place now – http://aboutmaddy.blogspot.com

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