in the stillness of last night, beautiful and clear, great bear in the sky, orion beside, cloud cover uptil an inch from the ground, your words are so clear, light like this night, invisible like this fog, you have forged this sound suspension I hear again, and again, but you were just once a sound. your worries are so heavy, they double me over, my nose touches the ground almost, and sight is quite as clear as sound again, I dream of movement carita, and in an instant, I am back in the clouds. for I am short and fat and frightened and pliable, the deception of me is quite invisible to you. I held my hands out, then up against each other, and that is as far as my possibles could reach, I am wise, beyond the clouds, but so poor. I feel my own nobility settle in place, it folds around my belly and makes a most awful clank. then great bear fell from the sky, and orion fired, and even doubled over to see the roadshow, I was no easy target. carita, I want you to be more than a tool in mortal hands, to live vicariously through you. for somebody here, in the comfort of rain earth, would already have been and woven and arced. for coincidence and speed can hardly be blamed for time, for time can. orion did not miss and great bear returned for another night.


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