curses and curses

Statutory Warning – Explicit Content and Language

I had a weird day today. Two wrong numbers during the day (I have been in this country over a year now, but I only got about 3 wrong numbers in 12 months). Then I was asked out by some guy on my way to somewhere. Ok man, I admire his cojones, I might have been some strange psycho bitch (in fact I was) but he came right up and asked me out, Thank you no thank you and I moved on. Didnt ruffle me too much. Decent chap, I was alone, but he didnt try any funny stuff.

And what disturbed me was, in the night, some genius sends me a video of his dick. I assume it was an entire mood piece of him masturbating, but didn’t check, home made porn tends to be dull with bad lighting and poor actors

I replied saying wrong number, and pretended I was a dude. And the guy writes right back asking if I liked it, so in fact, he knows damn well im not. So of course, I called him. Voice Mail. Called again, Voice Mail. And he has put in his name in the voice message, I get a clear shot of his name and accent. Indian dude. Of course.

And now I am PISSED. I thought I had left behind this particular class of human being when I landed in this country. Morons with the “Oo check out my stunning penis” fixation.

And theyre crawling out of the woodwork again. Ok to be fair, one is, so far this place has been good to me.

But I never understand the motivation. Am I supposed to be scared? Humiliated? Flattered? Turned on? Fall in love? (yeah this ought to be classy)

WHAT goddammit? WTF is the reaction these men expect? Will SOMEONE please explain the psyche of Moron Man to me? Did this genius just have so much blood loss from an erection that he couldnt use his single cellular brain?

Is this another brand of psycho stalker? The guy is naked, anonymous and cowardly. And I am supposed to be scared of him? Bring it bitch.

Bah, idiots!


2 Responses

  1. Obscene Video Phonecallers!!!
    I can hardly wait for 3D technology!!
    hee hee!

    It’s a pretty stupid person to:
    a) send a dick video
    b) have a phone number attached
    c) say his name in the voice message

    I guess I could have stopped at “a” really.

    ~MM – Ugh when 3D comes, this would become the stuff of recurring nightmares 😦 … I agree Ross, a) b) and c) make the guy very smart indeed 😀

  2. I hope that 99 out of a 100 would have no answer to yiour question, and that only 1 percent of the 1 percent that’s remains could only hazard a guess. There are some odd buggers about – but not too many hopefully.

    ~MM – Yep, hopefully not, Happy New Year Tooty, wish you the wonderful!

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