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I saw a kid today on my daily walk, on a skateboard. He was pretty good, then he made an ambitious jump, crashed and fell. I know it doesnt help to have a woman stare at him in these circumstances, (even though I was dressed as a homeless person this halloween), I was just stopping to check if he was ok dammit. He got selfconscious, then jumped on his skateboard and broke it in a fit of temper, as his friends stood and laughed and made rude noises.

And this reminds me, im off to the nanowrimo people, you will see me here a month from today, older, wiser, with less hair, and more phlegm, and hopefully, with all the major elements for a book. I also hope my laptop makes it.

Everyone I talked to told me the average time it takes for a book that actually has potential, is 3 years. Well its been 3 years now, that I’ve been talking about myself nonstop, I should be able to give a fairly decent shot at talking about some other people for a change, lets hope my gigantic ego survives the ordeal :(…

I had decided to outsource updates on my progress at
http://nanologue.wordpress.com, because my posts will take the same general format of

Subject : Did not make todays goal
Reason : Long complaining rant about how painful the world is and the things it makes me DO for love and money 😦

Also, only sympathy comments allowed please :(. “Oh thats such a shame, im actually ahead of target” will get you deleted without even a courtesy “up yours”

P.S. Saw this on a random tv news channel, for everyone daring to struggle this month with a novel – Only dead fish go with the flow …


2 Responses

  1. I certainly like the P.S. It gives me hope.

    ~Thanks Tooty, me too

  2. Good luck with the novel writing.

    I saw a kid today too! … it’s a small world. 🙂

    ~Thanks Ross, lol, yeah, its a small world 😀

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