I happen to know

with the instinct
of all witches

I wouldve found you
on the darkest road
the brightest day
anywhere, anyway

I wouldve touched you
if we weren’t close
if we didn’t meet
if our planets
parted ways

I wouldve loved you
a hundred ways
with different skin
a gender like mine
a broken face
a hundred years
more or less

I wouldve held you
closer than disease
without a solid body
longer than hell

I wouldve hurt you
more than tortuous sin
faster than our paths would cross
further, further,
than you could ever bear

we would have parted
one way or another
I would have been alone
I am, it is my destiny
I wish I knew for sure


2 Responses

  1. menacing, poignant, deliberate, chilling; a fusing of emotions. it tip-toed on my mind like a black cat prowling through some Bohemian Halloween parable.

    ~Thanks Chico, I try…

  2. your musings are art… now and always

    ~Thanks much Enreal, thats wonderful to hear :)!

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