almost monday

I ought to be working right now, doing the big responsible adult thing, blessing everything I touch and generally being a noble human and shit. But I spent all day picking out a pair of boots dammit, work is out of the question, I picked boots with an inch heel and now im nauseous, the world is so dizzy an inch above. I ought to do lots of things, but instead im watching the legend of neil, which is funny and brilliant and everything in between.

Caution – strictly adults only, im talking 21+ indelicate adults, not solid godfearing citizens –>

Sandeep Parikh is my new effin hero! And in a week, in a week, im gonna be writing like a madwoman for a whole month. November, I sacrifice having a life to lock myself in a dark hole and write obsessively. Hopefully I will be sane at the end of it, or even the beginning. This Nanowrimo, im gonna make myself a book. Im 31, cant wait any longer for the ideal moment, reality is looming, and freaking the living hell out of me, there is always vids and gaming and shopping and music and moping to keep me distracted so I dont do something stupid. Or smart, as the case may be, those two are so similar!


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  1. Mondays are overrated Generally … or maybe PG 13. hee hee!

    ~Overrated, I find it hard to believe anything is overrated, I am a fan of drama :(, but PG 13, oh yes, I agree :)!

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