anger, hovering afraid, on the threshold, of pure rage, cupped around a small soul, fragile and honest and free, fighting demands with no right, intrusions with no key, tipped over sideways, struggling not to fall and break

no sleep, worry, the wait, the past, dynamite tango spun all over the dull red blaze, I took birth knowing, always takes two, only two, at least two, to break a bank, and take everything

anger, just a child, wanting to crush who never understood, the flame in my path before, the ice behind, and me, two fisted and ready, to break and keep breaking, until there is only ashes and glass, sharp with more destruction at any feet, who dared trespass

anger, deep and writhing and waiting, for a way to release, without harming children, and full-tickets, who behave like children, tugging and clinging and crying and helpless, here’s some candy, leave me alone and go to sleep

anger, shimmering in the day, a white flame at dark, small trembling winds with each step, they should be stopped with silence, they should not meet a soul, no one, everyone deserves one tight slap some days, no one deserves their souls broken, anger should take the path never travelled, crackling unbroken fall leaves, and return with peace,


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