living on rooftops

too high the leap
from the heart
to the chat window
to another
spy versus spy
through the walls
that lived for years
but not centuries enough
for the cavepeople
with hammers
who still down so quick
for hoarse whisperers
stalked by lockdown
of every minute
of every day
where did you go
what did you do
where are you
now and then
how can we follow our heart
with every beat held ransom
why are these billion intentions
where one or two will do
why are there screams from the rooftops
when a single wish stays secret
how difficult it becomes
to thine own self be true


This reminded me of something I wrote a couple of years ago, Gronk Not Happy apparently i’ve run out of new things to say, I should probably zip it for a while 😦


One Response

  1. new words same words either words great words…

    ~Thanks Enreal

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