Turning 31

This birthday is not quite as traumatic as 30 because im used to being in my thirties. Its a new era now, not the end of an old one. Plus im independent, healthy, self-sufficient and finally in a position to plan any future I want. Its a rare privilege, one ive longed for since I was ten.

And the complex life lessons I learned so far, in the popula simplistic one line sermon format

1. Sometimes I feel like life is a traffic jam, you have to move when the car in front moves or show the finger, get out and walk.

2. When your turn comes, take all the time you need to do it right, and don’t forget the people who helped you reach there.

3. No one can help you if you cannot help yourself. I can usually not help myself.

4. There are no “like minded people”. There are only “people”.

5. I haven’t yet learnt to be aggressive or even assertive about what I want, so its made me a rather passive, reclusive person. I’m working on it.

6. If you are a woman, you will never ever get the perfect look right. You can try for the perfect smile, thats easier and much more effective. Liking who you smile at seems to help.

7. If you are a man, I have no idea. I will point out though that the Y-Chromosome gene pool is shrinking, wake up and do something about it.

8. I have very specific tastes in people. I like people with strong personalities and convictions, even if they are against my own. My least favorite are the nosy, insecure, controlling, self-centered lot.

9. If I’m your last resort on a lonely afternoon, your friend only when your boyfriend/girlfriend/boss is not around, a blip in your vast “yeah I know her” social network, or your obligation, please don’t be offended if I cross the road when I see you coming. I am just walking in a different direction.

10. I want marriage and children. Two to be exact.

11. Perfection is rather dull, although very nice to look at.

12. I can be a crazy gambler very easily. Gambling has very little to do with drinking. Some are better at it drunk, some sober. Gambling is all about assessing the best and worst in yourself. Always bet on the best.

13. My body is now getting more demanding than it used to be. My friend M predicted this would happen at 30, Thanks darling

14. Loneliness is a powerfully transformative force. Its a drug, it enhances everything inside your head.

15. I may never be a rich woman. I will never be a poor woman.

16. If you don’t pick your own boss, life will pick one for you.

17. Everyone has weaknesses, don’t focus on it. Build on your strengths, it makes you feel happier.

18. I always believed in karma. Now I also believe in fate, although I rarely accept its directions for me.

19. Time is very precious to me. Far more so than money, which is quite important too.

20. I finished my first book. It was 75000 words long and too personal to ever be shared with anyone but one man. And thats just not happening, so I deleted it. It was the most liberating thing I ever did.


One Response

  1. A belated Happy Birthday!
    I only pulled my head out of my ass at 31 … but only to have a look around. hee hee!

    ~Thanks Ross, ditto 🙂

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