if all I had was a minute with you
would smile happy and kiss your lips
and hold you right
until it was all over
I dunno if I would cry
right then
or run the sorries through us
like trick swords that cut anyway
like accidents waiting to happen
at curtain call, the minute before
I dunno if I could talk
or listen, or understand, or regret
I dunno if I could do anything at all
but feel you leave


2 Responses

  1. a “last minute” scenario.
    I think I’d try to say all the important things … or just listen to everything the other person wanted to say.
    I guess it depends on who was really leaving.

    ~That is very sage, thank you Ross

  2. I feel the emotions here… very alive… loss can in fact hold all this in one place for so long…

    ~Thanks Enreal

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