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A friend who knows me far too well for my own comfort once told me I have about fifteen people living inside me at any time, most of them crazy.

Today, the ground was dewy and the air fresh, so I took a few of my demons for a walk.

All my demons are seasoned warriors, they’ve been with me for a while now they know all my quirks. If i ever tried to run away from them they’d gallop earnestly by my side, shouting into my ear – where are we going today?

To my right walks my fear of failure, he’s a poised, superbly confident loud deep purple guy always on the verge of apoplexy, NOOOOO dont do this, dont do that, whatever you do, dont do THAT. THAT is usually everything, or anything I am about to try. He gets really vocal and flappy, he’s fun to poke at, every now and then I do something extraordinarily random just to aggravate him.

To the left is my fear of commitment. Now hes a peaceful kinda guy who can’t even walk by himself, and rarely speaks, The only thing he ever says is “Do you really want to be free to do whatever you want?” I have to drag him along wherever I go, because I need to hear that question every now and again.

Both of them were unusually preoccupied today, I wonder if they are gearing up for a grand shootout or if they are temporarily pacified.

In my pocket sits my uncertainty telling me to go back home and do ten other things instead, Now this is a nervous rabbit of a demon who runs away whenever I look directly at him, but is forever whispering a list of things I should be doing. He has a constant and reliable argument – Are you sure you want to do ((thing I am doing)) instead of ((a complete list of critically socially universally important things I havent yet done)). Never fails this guy.

On my back sits the demon of my past, instructing me its too late to settle my karmic debts in this lifetime, that I should just simplify matters by killing myself. This lil guy is a heavy heavy ride, hes also usually full of helpful suggestions for neat, painless suicides and really snappy, memorable notes to leave behind. My favorites include “Why I killed myself is none of your damned business” and “I killed myself because ((fill in the blanks))”


2 Responses

  1. I carry apathy on my back, but I don’t really care.

    ~Hey me too :)! I have a broad back 😦

  2. Most of my demons appear to be spending my waking hours asleep recently. Mister Optimism is wide awake though, and is raring to go. Fortunately Mister Cynical sits beside him with his eyes almost closed, but watching nonetheless – so I don’t get taken for a ride (by dogdy publishers mostly).b

    ~TOOTY YOU FOUND A PUBLISHER? THAT IS AWESOME! I must stop shouting :(… It is still awesome, you worked and produced a magnificent body of work, you deserve it, I love Horatio, CONGRATULATIONS AND WOO HOO :))!!

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