whats to believe


tinny nasal mocha shot on a
brave new world
burns like wasabi in the nose
and lead at high speeds
burns like nervous blood
and allergy breaks like water on
a pyramid cone, even and nice
seen from solitary eyes
panicked from bunches of real roses
that wanted only sunshine
but watched a hot dark flood burst
and didn’t know what to think
or how to run, what utter garbage
holy smoking teepees
is is 2012 already or are we
victims of our own
two minds and taunting heart
are we overcheered anthills in a
brave new world
bright yellow green pink
or desperately seeking someone
still, looking
for life without life within


3 Responses

  1. They swirl the spin, like language energy spirals of thought and image, your poems, Ms Mist. Tone and texture.

    Thanks Mr.Squires!

  2. vivid image,
    excellent word play.

    Thanks Jingle :)!

  3. Welcome to Thursday Poets Rally week 25, which run July 22-July 28,, you are represented as fresh poets:

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    Hope that you enjoy the fun!
    Happy Thursday!

    ignore if you want to stay out.

    This is really neat, thank you for the invite :)! You have caught me at a really bad life moment though, I will try to make it

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