noises from hell


don’t tell me I must be good
don’t you dare preach what’s right
don’t try to pierce the anger away
from a startled wyvern cry
how sad you choose
a neighbours fate
without the courage to try
how sad these walls never die
dulled inside insensate minds
when all roads are thrown open
to the wind beneath the skies
when freedom is served with dessert
on a crushed red porcelain heart
and you choose to carp about
a distant non-existant past
give up the feast of living
to capture some tired angle of light
that fell down long ago


3 Responses

  1. this captures the noises well.. too well… the words ring raw and loud… the are filled with it. Strong piece of writing my friend

    ~Thanks Enreal!

  2. I really liked the last 7 lines … especially the last 2.

    Good to see a little bit of new.

    note: I seem to start liking all the lines creeping up from the last 7 the more that I think about it.

    ~LOLL, thanks Ross!

  3. That is very dark, Ms Mist, brilliant but dark, and then you disappeared. I hope everything’s okay. More poetry, please.

    Mr Squires, I miss your energy, its my own fault of course, I will visit! Its always wonderful to hear from you

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