black mermaid


She is a small crochet net flung on the wall in careless abandon, yet fitting beautifully with the decor, the background, the light, the age, the signs. She is depth molded into perfection, an undersea kingdom rippling in perfect animation, there is nothing frightening about chaos well done, presentable, nothing but hints, of a primitive neural net that comes alive in the perfect wall, after sunset, sparks out a nemesis and fades away, quick and clean, just as perfect, as beautiful, as daylight. But you must open your pupils wide after dark and look, don’t blink, look and be amazed, look and be afraid

Not all know that hate can only be conquered by love, not all know anything. She is pain, until pleased, unless pleased, she is shock therapy, an ocean to be crossed, or drowned in. She will leave scars, she will leave corpses, she will never leave

There is an icy coldness about her, a wellspring, deep and untouched, it will freeze you irrevocably if you ever attempted to plunge in, if you touched, you might survive. Her courage burns like a lambent flame in glass, protected from the icy depths of the ocean thundering around, fear not the flood that will douse the flame, but the flame that will climb the flood, lighting a truth, any truth

She left earth in search of a hunt, any man with even one leg in the net would want more, to drown, to reach the flame, to free the light, to flee the pain, to seek what he no longer senses within. She will wait, she can. And the trembles inside the ocean deep will murmur in her ear, anyman must go, he must come, and wait his turn. Patience, there are sorrows to be hidden, smiles to be shed and swallowed in the water, there are dire straits ahead. Anyman escapes, she smiles, the sea is stronger, she stokes the flame, grows the glass. Can any woman be so lucky?


6 Responses

  1. You know me – poetry deficient. Understood nothing – but heck it was well written.

    Thanks Tooty! I finally got the Fanfare of … printed out and am reading, love it!

  2. Swirling energy, like a portrait of consciousness freed from the corpareal, Ms Mist, and captured with such precision in language.

    ~Thanks Paul, hello, its good to see you :)!

  3. I liked the imagery, but I kept think of a dreamcatcher thing on the wall.
    My mind puts me off sometimes.

    Thanks Ross, damned if I wasnt thinking the same thing, the trailer of the Dreamcatcher :)!

  4. So nice to still find you here still writing beautifully..painting mysteries with your words!

    Good and creative energies to you,

    ~Morri (aka gypsy-heart) 🙂

    Wonderful to see you Morri :), wish you the same!

  5. Beautiful! I wanted to read more about her though.

    Heyy Maxine :)!!! Thanks, I will expand on this sometime!

  6. Woman have powers that are often untapped; we can be very gentle, yet our undercurrent is so powerful that it can defeat the strongest army. We should remember this always, especially when we feel weakened. Thanks for the reminder. Loved this one, MM.

    Blessings, C.

    ~Thanks Cordie!

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