losing battles


I like the idea of vice, it appeals to my myriad weaknesses. I like the idea of a word that sounds so exalted, but is in fact pure commonness, human faults and coping measures. It would be brawling men with mirrors and smoke, scars and screams and curses, it would be everything I was trained against, I love turning on training and never looking back. But my vices have a marked leaning to uncommonness or the desire for it, to views without anchors, a world without its ubiquitous ruler, without numbers and synchronized dancing, only magnetic clutter. My vices are little ripples, almost visible, almost gone, who make giant storms, who make no difference, my vices move with my eyes, much too quick to be of use. I have useless vice, the worry ensuing one of them. You would argue my virtues are beloved too, after all, they hardly move the world, but we all tend to know what works, not why


3 Responses

  1. I like this meshing of vices and virtues.
    … and the imagery.

    ~Thanks Ross :)!

  2. your thoughts work, for me… you express yourself beautifully, uncommonness indeed… we do all tend to know a lot more than we realize, definitely not why… losing battle? almost definitely, yet i see a glimmer of an understanding

    ~Thanks Enreal :)!

  3. is turning on our training a vice in itself? it sure feels like my biggest one most of the time –

    Jason, I know what you’re saying, its my vice because I do it every time for no sensible or sane reason, to no particular advantage to myself :(, its good to see you here, welcome :)!

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