the inevitable airplane analogy


It was all ocean when we were far enough away. Wateresque graves navigated with primitive magnets and sheer will, but still the late settlers like the early, dream of a beyond drink it and drown. But is it the crossing of this endless sea we dream of or is it the other side. Have we seen within the land beyond? What exists, where our hands reach. Journey or destination or passing thought, what have we dared to be? Did we give free reign to the spaces we do not fill, let them confluence inside their own shortcomings and complete what does not exist but could?

The Runway – This place does not speak of arcing across giant chunks of Lego Land, it speaks of rest. The Rest. This acreage of concrete with bold yellow lines and tireless labor is but preparation for the big yellow bird that will take a running jump off it. The trees lining it blaze with every sundown, delighting the untrained eye. But the assistance to edgy living cannot be held closer and warmer than the sky. And we build runways because our magnet is so primitive and we admire our own handiwork

The Flight – But this is every bit what we were born for, and we affect boredom, barf bags, idle chitter chatter and virtual diversion, the heart has not forgotten, why must we prevaricate to our minds and magnets?

Wish you a wonderful 2010 full of magnetic inevitabilities

In a sky full of people only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy
– Seal, Crazy


2 Responses

  1. inevitable… for you perhaps… I do not know if i could grace such inevitabilities with precision and creativity. always humbled! and happy new year!

    Thanks Enreal :)! Happy New Year!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Share is caring after all.

    ~Thanks Carol!

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