a steam pump and a city watch
smoke rising in whiffs and butts
watch the fire hydrants fly open
whims fluttering inside their watery hearts
watch as wars like peace are frittered
and fought
there is a volcanic need to dissipate
an outlet and discounted thought
there is a man in between
loud bagpipe nerves


4 Responses

  1. Big, like a lot of your poetry Ms Mist. It contains grand themes and small intimate personal touches, all wrapped in your unique style, rhythmic and musical.

    ~Thank you Mr. Squires :)!

  2. “watch as wars like peace are frittered”

    That line is so powerful, thought provoking and deep.

    You really have a great talent.

    Thanks Duma Key!

  3. Mmm, interesting… Through your words I get a sense of small things moving outwards with big impacts… a whisper of things that are difficult to contain becoming a shout…


    ~Thanks Tracey, I love how simpatico our minds can get!

  4. Merry Christmas or Season’s Greetings or Hello!

    Thank you for introducing me to poetry again.
    I’ve been quite slack on it since university.

    ~Thank you Ross, I hope yours is wonderful too :)!!

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