ozone high


they are just babies
formless wind whistling
they are pure driven snowstorms
howling with their hands inside their eyes
rising against the land in eddies
slam stuck on each obstacle
steady voice unmissable
inch by inch ahead
ground to white dust
untouched diamond skin
cruel naked deathly cold
and fucking cute


3 Responses

  1. Haha, what a perfect ending, Ms Mist, came out of nowhere and knocked me out. Fabulous.

    Thank you Mr.Squires :)!

  2. Beautiful words, I could linger on your page for days, just reading and thinking, lost in the land of words you share.

    ~Thanks Duma Key!

  3. a twist at the end … it’s an Oliver or something.

    ~What the Dickens? Sorry couldnt resist :), thanks Ross!

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