this river too shall be one tomorrow, written undone, with the claims of time, with the fearful hopeful revengeance theme, this tune shall be sung with a flute scraping on parchment to be a part of the ground it is unrobed upon, read write repeat feather and fortune shall flow like the sea, even waves crashing together, hungering victory courting defeat. But life but life don’t ask which way went deceit, but life without deceit, defraudery, boring beneath, stretches of time wet footprints loveseats a little to kill a little to eat there will be wires and lights faerie tales with bouncy stiffskirts there will be fun in this humanity there will be grand bloodlines and petty thieves everything i did and somethings that irked never say never yes come come come on and book your front row seats entertainment as always is wicked free


4 Responses

  1. Life is an amazing adventure, Ms Mist, as is your poetry.

    ~Thank you Mr.Squires, as is yours 🙂

  2. Wow what else can I say here, this is amazing. I have missed reading your words

    ~Thanks :)!

  3. Just wonderful! The front row does indeed always offer us the best view of things…

    ~Thanks Tracey, yeps 😀

  4. This is so cool… as always your words are… so cool!

    ~Thanks Enreal :)!

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