I have my vague pains here
my bones turning to water
my skin creeping along the sidewalks
and the constant reassuring
soon I will be right as rain
its a musical out there in the parade
flowing down bang bang with color lights
its a clash of chewed up symbols in here
a harangue of why aren’t you here
feeling miserable feeling happy feeling
when the I was being flattened by wee
was it the sound of the coma breaking
or the futile blocks of puddle shock in the street
was it merlin and his magic puns
was it breadsticks and the way they were cut
dissolved into acid and shot out
can it be pretty that our folds dont fuse
can it be wild no hips in use
with the I tied to a row of tin cans
so tiny they won’t even cackle
doctor I have vague baby tin cans
can you arrest your dignity jump on them?


4 Responses

  1. That’s a wild one of the self dissolving like a body aging. Very cool, Ms Mist.

    ~Thanks Mr.Squires :)! Always a pleasure to hear from you

  2. I am often amazed by your words… they seem to weave and dance together in a rhythm that is almost a trance, they seem to breathe… very cool MM

    ~ Thanks Enreal 🙂

  3. Your words like water flows, dropping down from skies above, forming great rivers of depth and emotion.

    ~Your image evokes power and passion Duma Key, im flattered, thank you :)!

  4. I imagine everyone is dragging tin cans around the ankle or ankles: visible or not.

    ~Thanks Ross, yeah I imagine so too sometimes its a fun image 🙂

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