There are endless hearts that float around the world, gentle and alone. Loneliness and death their numerous most transforming fear and single most unifying truth. Some cannot be touched, some cannot be seen, and yet they are mostly one. One heart waiting to be many to multiply and move away from itself, yet be, in a mitosis kinda dance. There are only a very few people carrying the heavy burden of all the hearts and only a few places where the hearts will go to stay longer, longer than a heartbeat. When the last sunset of the day wears off, we fear the hearts might have become invisible, and dark, and melted into shadow so we turn on every piece of light we can find to try to find them again only to find them float away beyond the lights to all the hidden corners where no light can go and yet they are so bright and light seeking in the sunlight I wonder if the darkness is a place where the heart too needs to be quiet in, to beat


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful.

    Thanks Mr.Squires :)!

  2. This brings a certain melancholia to my heart, for it feels and understands… I can wonder if the heart indeed craves the silence and darkness of which you speak, for its journey seems lonesome and aware, indeed a heavy burden to bear…

    beautiful piece

    Thanks Enreal, this is another comment on my sadness, maybe I am sad and not seeing it until I write 😦

  3. Your words are incredible… this speaks of lightness and yet has left me feeling a little ‘heavy’ … very moving stuff.

    Thanks Ms. Quiet Paws, its good to see you here :)!

  4. This was beautiful. I understand. Blessings, MM, C.

    Thanks Cordie :)!

  5. Beautiful, the silent heart, bitter sweet melancholy.

    ~Thanks Duma Key, I try …

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