a flying garden scrabble

The Flying Garden by Tomas Saraceno, Picture by Blaise Adilon

The Flying Garden by Tomas Saraceno, Photograph by Blaise Adilon


take away my family
these years of careering on the road
change friends move lighting
honey I love you goodbye
without eternal damnation
the relentless holy cause
these purses of fools gold
culture history heritage
everything I was ever told
cut off each control
set every limb in limbo
I wonder will I fly
or shatter and fall
will I be a little piece of the universe
or a glass jar clearing a fog
am I endless or gravity
neither or both


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like your soul to me….

    The endless fascination of the free fall…. I believe we all strive endlessly to connect with our souls, be our true selves, although in truth, I belive the connection is never b broken.

    Loved this one Mist.

    PLL, C.

    ~I hope so Cordie, thanks!

  2. I believe the connection is never broken, however, obstacles, such as those named in this poem, often obscure our reach and hinder our view.

    ~Yeah you’re right Cordie, we’re all creatures of convenience 🙂

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