break out

do not listen to that voice
i know it thrums so well with your pain
i know the haunting the rhythm
that song you used to hear
is playing again
drown it out
scream from inside the stomach
until the earth trembles
and the iron bubble ceases
to be heard
it can’t be broken
it was built for a dead new life
with the centuries with the glories of self hate
drown it and break out of your own
it only takes the power of one voice
that scream from inside
that will not stop

*Here goes, my attempt at recording, if I sound depressed, keep in mind its a workday 😦


4 Responses

  1. lovely!! i relate..

    Thanks Shraddha :)!

  2. Sound as life, Ms Mist. Very powerful song poem, this one.

    Thanks Mr.Squires, im making a speeches out of this one, mostly cause i ought to be doing something else 😦 … always good to hear from you :)!

  3. I read it out loud and I can feel the power. Very cool.

    Thanks Cocoyea :)!

  4. It’s always great to hear from you too. If you are making a speech out of this poem maybe you could record it on the computer and we could all get to hear you read it? That would be amazing.

    Thanks Mr. Squires :)!! yes thats what I want to try too, hope it comes out unweird 😦

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