guilt worship


i am
your demon god insatiable
pacify me your life lies captive inside my palms
prowls restlessly inside these talons
like halfcast curses
i am the virus who must be grown right
before I infect your life and other universes
i am your sickness when i sleep
your fear when i awake i am whole
only when you’re weak
or im half agony half defeat
yours always incomplete
the acid in your throat
the gorge before you speak
always half inside your veins
unreachable from inside your minds
i am your incomplete hope
a hovering fluttering pretty moth
tasting your horrors before dancing off
i am your hatred why did you tell me
your love is a feeble thing wanting to grow
i am a blind spell that becomes a few blind years
i feed on your relentless ability to be weak
watch and wait when you speak
i feed from a small tear
a nick that will always bleed


One Response

  1. Scarily dark – or have I missed the point yet again?

    Yup dark was my mood 🙂 … what point, dont worry Tooty, I rarely make any 😦

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