laurels and poppycock for the clone victory


catch that floating crown
lets pray for our sins
one sector yellow sun
blooming between two hills
brown brown stick trees
green foliage black tick bird
another another they almost fly
blue water waves
orange fish stickers
what do you want to miss
the scenery the same
only the clouds move on
we all learned just one art
we know we know just one art
like raconteurs without a story
together we drew out one picture
from our hope chests
voila, we were all someone else
one glorious unextant entity
that lived in our beds
until we were twenty three
flung out into the world
be free tiny grasshopper
any surprise we chose
to try to run the same race
to fight to run
in the same place
quit shoving
its my turn to pretend


3 Responses

  1. This one really resonates for some reason.

    Thank you!

  2. Ahh…. 23=reality. Nice one MM. PLL, C.

    Thanks Cordie :)!

  3. BTW, do you remember the pictures you drew when you were a child…? Was your yellow sun in the corner, or was it in the middle? Did your house have four panes in the window or just one big pane…. weren’t those some carefree days, before 23???

    Damn Cordie, that does dissolve my point and resulting self-pity orgy :D! But you make an excellent one, thank you!

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