oxeye daisy

I would be closed up
in a star filled faux sky
years in passing for a way
beyond what will go wrong
to a miniature faux view
as real as the hand on my eyes
as far as my faux sky
I will be closer up
if the mind didn’t arrange
my hands and my eyes
these boneless thoughts
like china and roses turning on the edge
like china and roses decaying to death
whoosh and make a wish
i would be healed up
with chance to the end
if i would ask
do you see my flaws?
do you love me still?
i already know the answer
the road forks ahead
we must leave seeing to the blind
understanding to the dead
if I would ask
to always see with your eyes
sometimes I need to close mine
my own horrors are enough said
if i would breathe
like a new woman each day
i do not stop to think
what will you say
would you?

3 Responses

  1. That is superb, Ms Mist. It just unrolls the thought with a natural rhythm and is so evocative. like a song on the breeze.

    Thank you Mr.Squires :)!

  2. I agree it definitely feel like a song. Thanks.

    Thanks Cocoyea!

  3. I loved all your latest writings, but I think this was my favorite.
    Well, I read it again…and now I am declaring this my most favorite of all your writings!!! Each line is beautiful and can stand alone in thought. 🙂

    Just remember…with every breath we are new. ♥

    Good energies and peace of heart to you, dear!


    Thanks Gypsy Heart, I wish you the most wonderful miracles

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