just asking

are you okay?
there’s a wreck pulling up your hands
like a ship run aground
I can see the pain, your face
im curious
why are you not screaming?

are you okay?
there’s a stunning backdrop
and nobody in it
was a miserable government shack
they all went to hell
and heaven cleaned up real, nice
why are you not in hell?

are you okay?
you have the dignity to live
someone gave
they don’t have the will to die
they must watch as they are powered
by your scraps and your waste
why are you not crying?

are you okay?
if its easy, if its nice
if you’re buying new shoes
with someone’s endless nights
you just cannot see them
and they just cannot see
are you okay being blind?

are you okay?
he said its fair, she said its fine
they all said its the done thing
but it still burns crazy inside
without a teleprompt
do you know what is really right?

are you okay?
there is someone dying as I speak
quick and quiet
ten billion more exactly like you or I
they’re all turning, talking
are you listening?

are you okay?
do you see that man beg as he smiles
do you feel that woman claw at her soul
as she runs, do you know
is there anything intravenous
beyond your show?

are you okay?
measuring so short to fear
to some manic rhythm divine
borrowed and charred
do you know you are turning alien inside?

are you okay?
living within this narrow range,
watching and waiting for escape
will it cheer you if
tomorrow will be exactly like today
are you strong enough to change?

are you okay?
im not really here
i was i left
you left too for somewhere else
are you okay with where you went?


6 Responses

  1. powerful…

    ~MM – Thanks Shraddha!

  2. You’ve given me much to think about with your words. I’m mulling on the emotions which I feel radiate through your words – they leave me feeling sadness, anger and full of questions…

    A stirring, thoughtful poem indeed!

    ~MM – Thanks Tracey, love your comment!

  3. The refrain of “Are You Okay?” is so empathetic that it’s wounding to read it. It speaks so much of the narrator’s state of heart because we don’t ask each other this nearly often enough these days.

    ~MM – Thanks Maxine! I fear that we do ask it, much too much with widely varying intent …

  4. Well as you know, my poetry-gene was rendered inactive at some point in the past; but nevertheless I tried to comprehend some meaning with this one – and I just wondered if it might have something to do with people of the ‘Have’ nation’s blindness of over-comsumption at the cost of the ‘Have not’ nations. Probably not. Close – but no cigar?

    ~MM – Thanks Tooty, sure, cigarworthy interpretation! But then i dunno if this is poetry, sometimes i feel bald 😦

  5. Very conscious provoking words here. If we scorched the earth down and started all over again – every one at the same start line– I often wonder if we’d do better or worst….or about the same. All the comforts or discomforts in the world can not truely fulfill real abundance…it’s only found in the soul, attached to the heart. Whenever I feel aligned with my source, I feel ok with where I am. It is only when I’m out of touch that I feel not ok. Presently, I’m feeling say… perhaps 60 percent ok. Love these words you’ve written; they certainly are powerful and should be shared with many. PLL, C.

    ~MM – Thanks Cordie!! I think we’d do about the same, theres something about wanton destruction, so hypnotic

  6. […] riddle was inspired by a recent poem entitled, Just Asking, written by Mental Mist …Check it […]

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