the average song


im just an average jane
gina, jin, jenna or jahnavi
I don’t see why I must hate you
or love you
im content just to let you be

Im just an average jane
I don’t lean left or right
don’t have a slogan
fifteen words
that would describe me
I don’t feel the need

Im just an average jane
not fat or thin
not just right
im beautiful as your eyes
or ugly as sin
im both and nothing

im just an average jane
I don’t want to change
myself or the world
don’t want to fit in
or stand out the red
in my clothes is pure accident

im just an average jane
don’t feel you have the right
to hurt me or me you
to insult me or me you
I believe in accidents and
voluntary redemption
in trying

im just an average jane
not the uniform
of some gathered dream
nor waiting for the world
to understand me
im doing what I want to do
im doing the average thing


5 Responses

  1. oh my…totally nice..

    ~MM – Thanks Shraddha!

  2. This says quite a few things I have been wanting to say…

    ~MM – Hey Damyanti, yeah, it happens, expiry dates ought to be strapped on everything, thanks, good to see you here!

  3. Beautiful! Sometimes the universe that we create by our thoughts seems so fulfilled and tranquil. And it becomes more beautiful when it is spoken-out.
    Lovely write, enjoyed a lot!

    ~MM – Thanks Neilina, I agree with you, the inner world is sometimes just pure magic

  4. The poem is perfect, not a lot of trickery or adornment which is just right for the theme, it still sounds like a song though which means it is a very cool poem. You are not average, Ms Mist.

    ~MM – Thank you Mr.Squires!

  5. We are who we are. What’s most important is that we feel comfortable in our own skin. Beautiful words…. I loved this… PLL, C.

    ~MM – Thanks Cordie, absolutely!

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