el picador


the utter stillness
so frightening unfazed
still too elusive still too long
a hundred ways
I cannot love
then he turns before I finish
seeing where he will reach
reappears unchanged
behind the bull
naked unrushed
and he’s grinning
there is just one way
I believe


4 Responses

  1. ‘¡Olé!’

    ~MM – zigackly :)!

  2. Sounds like you broke the bull in; albeit you didn’t think you could! Perhaps the bull broke you int as well, especially with that smile. 🙂

    Oh yeah, one sided breaks tend to be heartbreaking :), Thanks Cordie!

  3. yeah..i agree..

    awsome take

    ~MM – Thanks Shraddha :)!

  4. Brilliant! The idea so wonderfully expressed in the central image.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul 🙂

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