personals for extra virgin olive oil
cold pressed clean and deep
nestled against a French brie
a soft soft red scarf
from a third world country
did you know we have three?


5 Responses

  1. Awesome


    ~MM – Thank you and hello 🙂

  2. This one is kind of sensual, or maybe I’m just hungry, but it feels sensual to me.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul :)!

  3. “personals for extra virgin olive oil” love this line

    ~MM – Thank you :)!

  4. A vegetarian ménage à trois? How intriguing. As is this piece. Stupendo.

    ~MM – ROTFL, yeah probably, thanks :)!

  5. I find this rather sad…although I’m sure some may find it as their only way out and a way for survival! Who am I to judge. In fact, I’d more than likely be a personal myself if I were in a third world country. Very personal thoughts on this personal, indeed. PLL, C.

    ~MM – It is sad Cordie :(, but all is not lost, we improve every day, all the worlds 🙂

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