prayer for remembrance

all too many windows
open shut blinded demure
with fluffy curtains
and strips of light
airy deserts that look alike
in glimpses of everything
theres a way somewhere
hidden behind wind war and washed glass
slamming static clonesque cliqued
but so many so many how can I be sure
when I only see doors in deserts
windows in wastes
climb through them all
when I sit on a green fence
with green grass on every side
I want a wall to smash through
then I could look back
one day today
see where I came from
remember which way ahead
just one wall every now and then
too many windows are already no cure


2 Responses

  1. There has always been a fascination for windows in artistic people. The reason is, windows are small spaces/holes through which light penetrates, and this light is very much adored. Nice poem.

    ~MM – Hey Shaik, is that right? I dunno, i never heard of it, nor the reasons … Must explore this … As far as adoring light goes, well, everyone who lives in the darkness loves light and can only stand a little, it happens 😦 … Thanks!

  2. For some reason, I’m reminded me of Huxley’s The Doors of Perception…

    Always enjoy your descriptions and imagery…they’re well-planned and not at all haphazard…

    ~MM – Never read Huxley Chico, i was told its depressing, and i have more than enough of that :(… will check this one out though, thank you :)!

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