hungry like a woman

I saw her today on the street
thought i saw her all my life
in a mirror across
today when she took away
another dimension
I saw how weak my mirror was
how fogged with self preservation
when she stood there so proud
in a street full of people who didn’t give a damn
and said, numbers are my life
and meant it,
I always know the ones who mean it
for I never do
I also know her slender form
that held forth this broken speech
like duct tape on diamond
didn’t begin to hold her fire
and wiped clean an image I made of me inside
to string life along
her smile of baby shark teeth
hungry not predatory
not yet
reflected off sunglasses on her head
off my self-contented smiles
of the worship of the bright eyed gnome
following her around steadfast
in search of redemption
I bet its in her handbag
along with a billion minutiae she doesn’t give a damn about
she already knows what is her life


4 Responses

  1. I love this – the words are very powerful. I’ve seen myself in the eyes of that lady before – but for the grace of God it could have been me and still could be me, perhaps. If only I could find redemption in a handbag….oh it might be there among the old purse candy with tobacco stuck to it. A nasty candy to swallow, indeed. PLL, C.

    ~MM – Thanks Cordie! … to me she is everything i want to be, and more … it was a humbling experience

  2. love the feel and groove and flow of this piece…and the wordplay is fundamental to its overall success…

    nicely done, Ms. Mist!

    ~MM – Thanks Chico!

  3. This is amazing!!! I love how you weave your words… amazing.

    ~MM – Thanks Enreal, as are you

  4. Shei s very clear in your wordportrait. But in a way it is a self-portrait too, Ms Mist. You are fabulous.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul 🙂 tempting, if only …

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