permission denied

my feet burn
from when i went around running
with the world
when I slipped off the sky
and the world didn’t stop
from when i hit the ground running

my eyes burn
with dreams i forgot
realities I fought
furtive between two worlds
four kinds of waits
with a crazy loud saxophone

my hands tremble
with urgencies I don’t care for
trap clenched words that shouldn’t release
but do sometimes
when I forget to hold
with static cling

my body waits
im a keeper of the darkest nights
still with the first sunrise
always too close too far
waiting for darker nights
at dawn

will someone please stop the world
I want to get off and cry


6 Responses

  1. Mmmm, this is mythic and tragic and most of all ace.

    ~MM – Thank you Sack Posset 🙂 Its good to hear from you!

  2. This uis beautiful – really beautiful. Is it okay if I print it out & carry it around with me for a while? The last line hit me thuse in the chest. My favourite so far (but then, you are always giving me new favourites!)

    ~MM – Thanks Maxine :), I will be honored if you used it in any form!

  3. Don’t cry, Ms Mist. That is a tremendously energetic and wild poem, full of moiton and emotion and intensity. It would be a great one to read out loud.

    ~MM – Thank you Mr.Squires! I think I will try recording this

  4. Wonderful piece.

    ~MM -Thanks Cocoyea!

  5. It is a strong and emotional as I read it, and it is refreshing and moving. 🙂

    ~MM – Thanks Phil, long time, good to hear from you!

  6. a daydream experienced while awake…the tension builds like a classic film noir… a tale told by a femme fatale with a social conscience…

    liked it a lot…

    ~MM – Thanks Chico :)!

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