I hear only iceberg chatter drifting away
where icebergs kill or melt
before they dare say what they really felt
blind man’s buff among incomplete hates
who refuse to understand
everything is self maximizing
even life and death
we’re making more icebergs every day
imax renditions of approximations
reality flowing alongside reality
reality touching reality as agreed
science on its proudest day
scaling new pinnacles of uselessness
too afraid to say no
fear is the brave new world
the paralyzing terror of being real
approximated in anonymity
apportioned in hate
the mesh it slowly tightens
melds into the wall
we don’t know what we’re missing
we don’t miss it at all

Last week, a close friend of mine received a call from some guy who knew not only her name, address, email ID and phone number, but also what she was wearing last Friday. He had the gall to tell her he was on her Facebook friends list. She had no idea who he was, she has 300+ friends. Now I am paranoid about these things but she is a trusting soul. In fact she is the kind of person the world needs more, accepting, trusting, open and friendly. It is infuriating that these folks are becoming the softest targets in the Net, quite a question mark on how useful or valuable the Net really is to humankind. Why are we all so afraid of being real, why are we all being made to be so afraid of being real?


7 Responses

  1. can be really tough.

    My facebook account is only visible for family and friends and not open to my networks or visible on facebook search.

    300+ friends is hard to manage.It must be very scary for her.

    ~MM – Hey Shraddha, she has scaled back, but she is still far too cool for my comfort about it

    I have controls for my protection in these communities, but I find my soul constantly revolts against the paradox “Trust in God, but lock your car!” I feel that not many would subscribe to stalking and random hate spewing on this scale unless it were so easy, safe, anonymous and convenient online

    Thanks for visiting and sharing :)!

  2. “we’re making more icebergs every day
    imax renditions of approximations
    reality flowing alongside reality
    reality touching reality as agreed”

    I love this bit, has so much to it.
    People often confuse me, so much time causing pain of hate or trouble for others, so much wasted time, I hope your friend is ok, why people have to act in these ways I simply do not know.

    ~MM – Hey Duma Key, yeah it baffles me too, i dont think we are evil, just addicted and weak 😦 … my friend, shes shaken but fine, i think i am a lot more affected :(, thanks!

  3. interesting perspective; it’s unfortunate, cyber stalkers prey on women like your friend because they know they are so “accepting, trusting, open and friendly…” if everyone was skeptical and cautious, they wouldn’t have anybody to target… let’s hope she does the right thing…

    ~MM – Thanks Chico, she has taken care of herself. I understand what youre saying. For me skeptical and cautious has spilled over into paranoia, I dont want that to happen to her, we all need people who will accept without question sometimes.

  4. That is a very clever rolling poem, exploring an interesting idea, Ms Mist. Caution is always advisable.

    ~MM – Thank you Mr. Squires! Aint caution the fastest growing industry 😦

  5. As usual your words are beautiful, but this time eerily so.

    I am glad your friend is okay, and I share your concerns. Some tend to reveal way too much!

    ~MM – Thanks Gypsy Heart! I know, but that is usually the most amazing thing about them too, its worrying all right 😦

  6. Hopefully your friend (and you) are doing OK after having that happen…some people just don’t know where the line is…

    I love that your friend is open – it can be hard to trust without question while also balancing the sad realities of how some people in this world are…

    As you say, ‘fear is the brave new world’…

    ~MM – Very sensibly put Tracey, I needed to hear that, thank you!

  7. Powerful piece. Love the ending. It’s very scary and sad what happened to your friend.

    ~MM – Thanks Cocoyea, life happens :(, but then life happens 🙂

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