half open eyes
inside an overworked soul
tea sunday morning late
with cinnamon and clove
figs steam and raisins
one long lazy stretch
an insidious fragrance
and then I was whole


9 Responses

  1. Many times a single cup of tea will rejuvenate you. Tea and poetry go very well.

    ~MM – Thanks Shaik, yes they do :)!

  2. Oh, this is beautiful. The specifics are all there – the sweet and spicy scent, and the melancholy of the overworked soul. Yes! And nice to see you have the poet banner up 🙂

    ~MM – Thanks Maxine, good to have you back :)!!Of course I do, thank you for sharing it!!

  3. Hmmm, lovely. Morning tea, one of my favourite things. Love what you have done with I am a poet badge too. You are a poet!

    ~MM – Thanks Paul :), it always feels good to hear you!!

  4. Oh yes, I’ve been there and felt all of this…just lovely.

    ~MM – Thanks Tracey :)!!

  5. Beautiful piece. Love the ending.

    ~MM – Thanks Cocoyea :)!!

  6. i steeped the words of your poem in hot water for a few minutes… didn’t need to add sugar, honey or milk…

    ahhh, delicious…

    ~MM – Exactly :D!! Thanks Chico, we are simpatico here!

  7. You capture the moment well, I enjoy reading your words

    ~MM – Thanks Duma Key! Hope you are well!

  8. Very nice. I like the phrase “insidious fragrance”. Well done.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul :)! Welcome to my blog

  9. This piece is quite satisfying.

    ~MM – Thank you Mossy 🙂

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