dust to dust


he was inclined to outlaw dust
ab initio sans merci
warrrrior tattoed shouts from rooftops
and again he prowled searching
for unrest to turn to
shapes, his came from guns and jaws
from sweat nights of nameless fears
conquered by the warrrrior
whom dust drew closer than the trees
who rose from dust for dust
the color of a soil of a chaos
that came apart in the streets
as dust crept up their veins
crawled out their grateful skin
to warrrrrior cries they became kin
dust flung itself around
in great violent storms
a dash of red relief
and the shapes were left to sing
reality is dust to dust
new dust gathered with old
piled in corners unused
ignored waiting
to become he again
to be of use
to feel

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5 Responses

  1. At times I feel I’m living dust…perhaps I should recycle myself, as dust seems to attract more dust. 🙂 Great poem!

    ~MM – Hey Cordie, yeah me too! I guess we must see the cycle first before we can break it, thank you :)!!

  2. Wow… I said that out loud. there is so much going on in these words…. its an incredible journey through the mind and dust… Brilliant Work

    ~MM – Thanks Enreal, you made my day :)!

  3. Wow! A great swirling storm of words spinning around like a word tornado of dust. What a great poem, full of energy, like a movie scene from a poetic Western.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul, tornado of dust, I like that :D!

  4. Wonderful! There is a real menacing intensity in your words which sweep me up with their energy.

    ~MM – Thanks Tracey :)!!

  5. Hey beautiful poem. The image on the lest hand side is a very good one, how did you insert it to wordpress(i am a poet)?

    ~MM – Thanks Johnny, just use the text widget and insert html into it to show the image, ive emailed you the code snippet, hope that helps!

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