thin sliver ring tread softly
shim shimmering haze
sin simmering red naughty
shiver in in take

grip glittering straight line down
fear fever free way
with wither in red sand dust
flip weather flu ffake

whim wanderin will march feet
quip quivering quake
fall pallor in rising spring
sleep summer awake

white paladin west wind blows
pit pitty palisade
nock turn a love this way goes
wing echo wing stay


This one has an origin I can trace, woohoo! It came shim shimmering from cocoyea, gingatao’s Exu(impatient), with a dash of Tracey’s site name that i totally covet!


7 Responses

  1. ah, such inflections and utterances… [if this was a silver bullion bar, it would weigh about 1000oz]…

    ~MM – Ooo Heavy, thanks Chico :)!!

  2. Cool! All the pieces with the links form a silver word ring too. Fantabulous!

    ~MM – Thanks Paul 🙂 this was great fun to write!!

  3. Oh lovely.

    Once again you have bedazzled me with your wonderful words (in an utterly enchanting and delightful way)…

    ~MM – Yayz! I try, thanks Tracey :)!!

  4. Interesting post

    ~MM – Thanks Duma Key!

  5. Wonderful sounds and imagery. I also enjoyed the rhythm.

    ~MM – Thanks Cocoyea, after all, you started it :)!!

  6. These words are like a recipe; more than the sum of their parts. I like the stuttering rhythm and the open-endedness, the space within it. Tasty.

    ~MM – Yum! Thanks Sack Posset :)!!

  7. It is just sending tickling feel in my way. Lovely Post! Enjoyed it!

    ~MM – Tickling? 😀 Neat, yayz, glad i could, thanks Neilina!!

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