night blindness


color me stained as the ink splash fell
as bottle broke as adrenaline blood
in anxious streams the octopod left

color me night in igneous sweats
dark curly clouds thick eyebrow storms
some sexual healing some daily frets

color me brown in espresso shots
in sunlight blazes in rain cloud paths
on paved gold dust under clear blue skies

color me pale in scavenger urges
cross me deserts like the raven flies
closer to atopia where new seasons lie

color me bleeding at the edge of a night
cut swathes of secret waters to fight the good fight
color me i feel so black and white


8 Responses

  1. I really love that last line. It resonates and seems to hold up the entire piece.

    ~MM -Thanks Tel :), its good to see you here!

  2. eyebrow storms & scavenger urges. you team such wonderful and unexpected words together, and somehow, they work!

    ~MM – Thanks Maxine :)!

  3. Great post, the more I read of your work the more I like your style, keep writing!

    ~MM – Thanks Duma Key :)!

  4. I am really much of a night person, now in this time that nights can be so colorfully black. Love this piece! Thanks for your visit to my site! Take care. 🙂

    ~MM – Thanks Phil :), im a night person too!

  5. Fantastic! I love your use of colour and texture throughout to vividly bring the visual description of your words to life…wonderful!

    ~MM – Hey Tracey, welcome, and thanks :)!

  6. Bloody hell, Mental Mist, you write utter magic.

    ~MM – Thanks Sack Posset :), likewise!

  7. Have you ever considered performing at poetry slams? A piece like this would rock, I think. Some really outstanding imagery and turns-of-mind here. It’s my turn now to tip my hat to you.

    ~MM – Thanks Chico :)! I have thought about it, but still too stage shy 😦 …

  8. Love your style….love your words. Keep writing! 🙂

    ~MM – Hey thanks Cordie, long time, its good to see you :)!!

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