i don’t care if my era
lived off science or faith
face powder or white dust
glass builders or glasnost
im not the heretic
of the holy empires
im not the messiah
off the holy massacres
nor the tv preacher
of surety of doubt
plenty or waste
my question the now
unsaid not unheard of
secrets in plain sight
my question always
the nature of
the gravity of
the voice


8 Responses

  1. Your work continues to develop and become more diverse and interesting. Getting the right voice for the right idea, shifting and challenging yourself. All wonderful, you are a rolemodel, a fabulous writer, Ms Mist, constantly inspiring and challenging us all.

    ~MM – Ok this is hard to take 😦 really? if ur just yankin my chain, i hope a pigeon poops on you, if not, well i don’t think so, too many great writers around here to make that stick! But THANK YOU, the brief delusion of grandeur felt fantastic!

  2. I think this is the all-time favourite I’ve read here. The words just melt on in to each other. You know there’s artistry there in the composition but the poem’s so well out together it’s practically invisible!

    ~MM – WOOO HOOO 🙂 Thank you Maxine, you are a very special person and an awesome writer, these words mean a lot to me, I will treasure them, thanks for being here!!

  3. Great words, and wise thoughts. Your page holds much and one place I shall return more often

    ~MM – Thanks Duma Key 🙂 you’re welcome anytime!

  4. I’m not a poetry critic or aficionado, so I’ll simply say that I like this poem.

    ~MM – Thanks Mr. Big Foot! You don’t have to be, ultimately, what it means to you is what it means

  5. Oh no, a grumpy face. I meant every word. There are many great writers around and you are one of them. And your willingness to take risks, your honesty (especially your honesty) and the way you are always looking to become better, challenging yourself, that is inspiring.

    ~MM – Hey Paul :), its just a design flaw of mine to be suspicious of compliments, I am thrilled you think so! Thank you for this, it made me feel very good about myself

  6. Hello Mist,

    I just discovered you and am I glad. It is a pleasure to read.

    Thanks for sharing your art.

    ~MM – Hey Mossy, welcome 🙂 thanks for enjoying it!

  7. “surety of doubt” is an awesome phrase. if i wasnt one of the good guys i’d steal it from you.

    ~MM – Thanks Jason :), yup, you are!

  8. I see you are experimenting.. and I absolutely love this one.

    For some reason the lack of punctuation made me read the whole thing in one breath, making it all the more awesome. The rhythm just builds upon itself into this wild roller coaster of paradoxes, until it still stops – BOOM.

    Love it.

    Keep writing.

    ~MM – Love this comment, Chittz, thank you, this feels precious!!

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