a murder mystery


yeah i hate you darlin
your agony chafes my knees
drags broken down my back
your words make my heart go scream
but i love you darlin
you and i, one day we’ll die
together make the earth go green
we wear the same skin darlin
if you like to wake a night
or i like to paint a day
we burn and shiver together
we’re still sunset and sunrise
if you hurt me too much darlin
i’d still love your choice in blades
these sounds are for your sake
i don’t hurt inside i already died
when you decided your life
would be my redemption from sin
when you told me
a few years of mine
will free centuries of death
i didn’t understand i wasn’t there
but for you i will care
the earth quietly rotates
the seasons start afresh
how is your way different


3 Responses

  1. I like this poem. it has both love and hatred, two conflicting sides of a human mind.
    Mental mist what does Top Clicks on your blog indicates?

    ~MM – Thanks Shaik! I guess its just an algorithm/widget for the link with most number of clicks on my blog…

  2. Brilliant, a different and unique voice, rolling rhythm, great sounds and a poem tightly made around the idea.

    ~MM – Thanks very much Paul 🙂 you are amazing!!

  3. “you and i, one day we’ll die
    together make the earth go green”

    Love those lines. Twisted beauty. 🙂

    Very cool poem.

    ~MM Thanks Bryan :)!

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