the dream


he was
trapped in paradise mid-air
too young to lack a prayer
shoes and tie, black and grey
he wore a suit with a case
be still my heart the face
dry heat lightning flash
fell random on a rising star
so watchful the buzzards
waiting so near below
so tired, in the wings
his shrinking circle of love
he swung a hand around
two seconds to land
they’re screeching in his ears now
and then so close above
swooping down
for the crash and bang
but it happened long ago
and it happened just now
but it happened in a dream
and even then it wouldn’t shout
it opened a window
and just fell out
and there it lay


3 Responses

  1. I like your style, especially the repeating at the end—creates a nice dreamlike echo. A nice visual poem with a melodic haunting tone. Appreciate the post 🙂

    ~MM – Thanks Adam!

  2. It really gets you thinking. The meaning was slightly hidden but i read it as falling in a dream.

    ~MM – What it means to you is what it means, thank you!

  3. It’s almost like a postmodern retelling of Icarus.

    ~MM – Hey Tel, now that you say it, yeah! Damn, history does repeat itself, i wasnt thinking Icarus when i wrote it, i swear 😦 … Thanks :)!!

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