thirty, truth and age

i used to be the change alone
foolish partisan untrammelled
vain now i’m content just
to sea the change

i used to call a bluff a day
bang flat hand on prophet doors
who preach inside mortal coffins
now content to let them score
life taught me only shades
emerge from graves

i used to see the jerk off
miles away initiate
some battles must be fought
now i see jerk miles away
veer off
jerks aren’t won
they’re bred or bought
too high the cost

i walk away another night
i live away another day
slow and easy does it
doesn’t it
young habits die hard


4 Responses

  1. A thought perfectly captured in a rolling song poem. There is an increasing honesty and energy in your poetry that I really like, Ms Mist.

    ~MM – Thank you Paul :), and your writing is a kind of magic

  2. ‘i used to be the change alone’. That is such a powerful opening.

    ~MM – Thank you Maxine :)!

  3. lessons earned and learned and, in some cases, burned at the stake…

    clever wordplay here…

    ~MM – Thanks Chico, yeah 😦 but hey, life happens

  4. MM — the former supercynic here (now The Daily Wit). I hope all is well with you. I enjoy reading your poetry and stories.

    Take care.

    ~MM -Thank you and HELLO Mr. Big Foot, I am good, I hope you too? Its good to hear from you :)!

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