the fly

i am the fly
who would write the web
if i had the genius to be

i am the fly
too afraid to be stuck
in a corner of obscurity
but not too afraid to repeat

i am the fly
who would be the spider
i would be what eats me

many flies buzzing together
i would be to mimic
a web if only a web flew free
if a pretend web could be honesty

i am the fly
who mimics the spider
i am the genius by proxy

i am the fly
i hate the spider
when all the spider should be me

i am the fly i called the spider
things i begged the spider
i warned the spider
i reviled its artistry

i am the fly i am caught in the web
of beauty drawn out inexorably
i am as would be


5 Responses

  1. there is something in your poetry which alters energy… you have a great gift with words… truly

    ~MM – Thank you Enreal, im honored you think so!

  2. I agree, the repetition of words in this poem is an illusion because each time spider, I, web and fly appears they seem different. It is some kind of magic trick. You are the genius by proxy and not by proxy too.

    ~MM – Thank you Paul 🙂

  3. I am the fly, who likes this poem. Its really is an amazing work.

    ~MM – Thank you Warrier Poet!

  4. it’s rare to find a clever fly, but here you are, razzle dazzling that old spider with the flim flam flummox…

    nothin’ but love for this piece…


    ~MM – Thanks Chico :), peace!

  5. wow. Where did you take me?

    ~MM – for a quick spin, i hope 🙂

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