prison break

on an empty night
a serrated mood
at the tainted brood outside
the city’s noisome herd
but better heard
than this silent scene

here so little give
one noiseless slip
to the other side
one good dream away
help so steep the pride

the streets beckon
beg washed in blood again
garbage cleaned the cheapest way
delirious hate likes to call
judgement day, because we care

lighten ignored burdens
an unusual age after all
practice makes perfect
practice makes

heartbeat against
a starving nation
hurried footsteps down
long lazy corridors
something left the way they came
an occasional poet of conflict
the one that got away

cheer to sounds of
clawing from the insides
who cannot run
must watch it whole
cheer to sounds

now wait cotton comatose
don’t wanna miss a thing
nor run and miss everything
no escape

outside regular stripes
parallel bars
likes the monster of change

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5 Responses

  1. I felt the urgency… the need to escape… yet I felt no fear. Can this be?

    ~MM – I felt it too … You are precious Enreal, truly, thank you!

  2. rythm is similar to ‘alright ma’ altho I am too lazy to count syllables. A truly wonderful poem. You should try and put it to music.

    ~MM – Just looked up ‘alright ma’ Abhimanyu, Bob Dylan is a master, im blown away, thank you 🙂 … music, well, i can only try …

  3. most welcome!

  4. I love the internal rhymes here, the sad swagger of it, and most of all the phrase ‘serrated mood’, which is a perfect pin through a moth.

    ~MM – Hey Sack Posset! ROTFL on sad swagger, pin through moth, the images :D, you are unique! the serrated mood, my favorite too, thank you

  5. ‘cotton comatose’ is great word-smithing: soft and silent…

    ~MM – Thank you Maxine :), welcome to my blog!

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