it was a hazed symphony just before life
listened to and thought through
you hummed and an instrument crackled
playing into a flute of fire and wine
in a corner from focus lay
a blue green blur on a torrid day
a plaintive call of anomaly
hovering just out of sight
just a little beyond living
this hunger for the almost seen
that told me life was yet not lived
all was yet not seen
despite where we’ve been
this song can never end
till there till then …


6 Responses

  1. Aquarius floats in
    doing the wave
    baring no distinction
    from the wetness
    hovering over your feet
    A dream to be fulfilled
    To stand in the midst of the great cairn
    One day, one early morn’s prayer…
    To unhinge those antiquated sprites
    as they hang together forever in Time
    Thanks for taking Tree
    to the faraway lands, MM!

    ~MM – It was a pleasure, thanks for coming :)!

  2. What a beautiful song! Hope and the unseen draw us on.

    ~MM Thanks Paul, yes!

  3. ‘A flute of fire and wine’. That makes me shiver. This is beautiful.

    ~MM – Thanks Sack Posset :)! Love your handle and your site!

  4. a gift wrapped in faith, grief, loneliness, and light tied with a ribbon the color of a meditation…

    ~MM – Thank you Chico, so it is

  5. naming the unnameable is like trying to wrap fire in a box. you are a better wrapper than most!

    ~MM – Thank you Jason!

  6. “all was yet not seen…”
    “till there till then”

    I see

    ~MM – Thank you!

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