superhero travails

please let go my cape
let me enjoy the ride a bit
please turn the other cheek
i feel like rescue again
please hang on to cliffs
i must eat for you,
me and the devil within
please open the window no only
its really warm in here
was i perchance too prolific
please watch me fly in the air
so i may watch you doing the maid
this is some strange shit im on
still not enough to get me laid
and you killed on the bionic bling
how long was life ago
how unreal has it been
and why not, real is trembling

i was watching Batman, the animated series, when he said “please let go my cape” i felt it deserved an ode


2 Responses

  1. Haha, it did deserve an ode and you have done it justice with this outrageously wonderful poem thingy.

    ~MM – I try :D, Thanks Paul!

  2. what an excellent idea – giving the inspiration behind the work. you should do that with all your poems – then heathens like me could comprehend your meaning.

    ~MM – I wish, most I have no idea Tooty :(, thanks!

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