the surface

there were
drums in the mist
there was a dance
for with so many forms
there was a
midnight group of halogens
there were a few
birds awake accompany
there was a pagan song
sung one clementine jungle rock
there were dark shadow fish
in the rivers and the sky
lightning bait and thunder clouds
there was a cocoon
grew for many years
making a rumble
in the womb of instant change
there was a crowd
reaching for either end
they said they
didn’t care a bit
they knew ten words for
calling out a sensual tryst
a few less to resist


2 Responses

  1. Supercool, rolling along like a pagan song, sound sense and mystery. Super cool,

    ~MM – Thank you Paul 🙂 you are supercool!

  2. i really like the rhtem is moves along, the path unflod

    ~MM – Thanks Utopian Fragments!

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