ever wonder

ever wonder for level gold and its shade
of priceless flowing bas relief to this world
of frictional vices

ever wonder at the ravages of hate sustained
by unwary carriers for unknown instants

ever wonder for an answer appearing
in blue electric accident
that finally led to a question
that never was until freed

ever wonder at the sick feeling in
the pit of the stomach when a child won’t meet
your eyes in curious

ever wonder for everything that returned
after it was let, sneaked back in with a laugh
every piece that came back to fit
perfect in a different puzzle

ever wonder at the sorrow of an
everyday sunset on a someday beach with
a someone forever

ever wonder for a tremulous wish
instant that feels like ludicrously perfect
somewhere else
but blurs so deeply into now

ever wonder, the force of a pivot
between reasonable and extraordinary

for Gingatao’s age threshold 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I like!

    ~MM – Thank you :)!

  2. What a wonderful poem, so many careful images and ideas woven together into a tapestry of wisdom. I definitely make an exception to the age threshold for you, Ms Mist.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul, yayz :D!!

  3. ever wonder why i keep popping over unannounced looking like i dressed myself out of the frumpster dumpster…?

    because of lines like this:

    “ever wonder at the sorrow of an
    everyday sunset on a someday beach with
    a someone forever”

    if i could play the guitar, i would find melody for your words…

    ~MM – Thanks Chico, that would be lovely!

  4. ‘on a someday beach’. That is so vague, and yet so specific. Brilliant wordplay.

    ~MM – Thank you Maxine!

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