with half a heart
leading half a mind
to half a start
of half a plan
lingers mocking at to when
it was all whole
half a long ago
half left to go
was that half a wish
and half a truth
or half inside a new look
half out of hell
half out of heaven
twice the will to quit
there is
half a silence that fills
half a void
words fill the other half
to stop the waiting
the crouching at half spring
half winter
half a crowd of artists
half a screwed upstartist
half asleep half insane
half delayed and half a wake
I call most of my days


4 Responses

  1. Half-Life is beautiful. Be confident. You are a true poet.

    ~MM – Thank you! I never tire of hearing that, or needing that 😦

  2. And all those halfs add up tp one fabulous poem.

    ~MM – Yayz, thanks Paul :)!

  3. Really amazing stuff here. I especially like the lines “half out of hell, half out of heaven.” Who hasn’t felt like this at some point. You really hit all the emotions right on the head. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.

    ~MM – Thanks Eric :)!!

  4. This is better than half bad by half a mile.
    Meet you halfway, if you can stand
    my half-ass way of doing things.

    Halfhearted request, I know.

    One root in, and two roots back.

    Cheerz! Uncle Tree

    ~MM – Thanks Uncle Tree, absolutely :)!

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